South Region BMX - our plans to get everyone back on track:
As we emerge from a second full lockdown and avoided celebrating the anniversary of the start of the Covid pandemic, we’re looking forward positively to what we hope will be a decent 2021 BMX summer series.
It's still hard to predict what might happen, but it's worth a shot, so here goes.
British Cycling has updated 'The Way Forward' ( and whilst it looks as if there will continue to be some disruption, we are all optimistically planning to return to regional racing. Youth sport and competition can recommence from 29 March, including club and regional racing. From 21 June, all restrictions are likely to be lifted, with other staging points between. These dates are of course subject to review and are the earliest point at which the various stages of unlocking may occur, but it looks promising.
Our collective experiences in 2020 which saw almost every South Region club getting riders back to club racing stands us in good stead to cope with any legacy restrictions, e.g. social distancing and track & trace.
It's not clear as yet what criteria may be set for things like British Champs qualification and it's far from certain that these larger events may even be able to take place. But on the working assumption that if they do go ahead there will be some form of qualifying criteria/numbers restrictions e.g. for the Brits, we’ve included this in our thinking.
Clubs back on track:
The most important thing is to get riders back on track, supporting the grass roots of our sport and at all times acting responsibly for the greater good. We encourage all clubs to get back to coaching and holding club races to ensure a) experienced riders can refresh their race-craft and b) newcomers to the sport can get involved and learn how a race day works.
• April onwards: club coaching and return to club racing; development centre coaching
• South Region Interclub Champs: 25 April, Hayes – rescheduled from November 2020 (**for qualifying riders only**)
South Region Summer Series – Plan A (optimistic):
A series of four initial dates are proposed with 3 from 4 to count for British Champs qualification purposes if required, and three further rounds tbc (Covid-willing), with a total of 5 from 7 rounds to count for regional rankings.
This front-loads the series utilising venues that have sufficient space for social distancing etc and assumes a delayed start to the season with the series concluding after the Brits potentially at venues with less space, depending on government guidance etc.
Regional dates and venues, format and timings all tbc:
• Regional 1: 23 May, Bournemouth
• Regional 2: 6 June, Cyclopark
• National 5 & 6: 12-13 June, Cyclopark
• Regional 3: 27 June, Hayes
• Regional 4: 4 July, Gosport
• National 7 & 8: 17-18 July, Gosport
• National 9 & 10: 7-8 August, Telford
• British Champs: 28-29 August, Leicester
• Regional 5: 12 September, Merton
• Regional 6: 25 Septemebr, Runnymede
• Regional 7: 10 October, Andover
Stay safe, everyone; take it easy on track and remember that you need to go round the corners and over the jumps (after what must feel like a lifetime of turbo trainers and staring at walls/Zoom/X-Box etc).
Hoping to see you trackside really soon.