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South BMX Race Regulations 2018



  • These rules relate to the 2018 South BMX Race Series and should be read in conjunction with the BC Regulations of BMX Racing. Any regulations not covered in these regulations will be governed by the BC BMX Regulations or any other BC regulation or Byelaw.


BC Membership and Licensing


The following categories of events are open to any rider with or without British Cycling (BC) membership;

Open races, Club races, Winter regionals and Novice racing at all regionals.

Any non British Cycling member, or parent / guardian if under 16, competing in a BMX race, must sign a standard disclaimer and provide emergency contact details before participating.


The following categories of events are only available to riders who hold a Valid British Cycling Silver or Gold Membership;

All regional racing linked to British Championships qualification, Regional Championships and British Championships.

The following categories of events are only available to riders who hold a Valid British Cycling Silver or Gold Membership and race licence;

National Series Events, International events and any other event that specifies a licence requirement.


Age Classes

  • Male classes are as follows

Mixed 6 and Under, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-29, Regional Payback (Flat Pedals only) Masters, Veterans

  • Female classes are as follows

Mixed 6 and under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, Championship Women (Flat Pedals only)

  • Cruiser classes as follows

12 and under, Junior (13-16), Open Cruiser (split into age groups for ranking purposes), 17-29 Ladies, 30+ Ladies



Rider Sign In

  • Riders who have pre-registered via the British Cycling Registration system will be required to confirm their attendance at the event by 10.30am.


Registration on the Day


    Registration on the day closes at 10am 


  • Registration without the full race fee will not be accepted.
  • Riders or their representatives will be required to show the competitors race licence to the registration team.
  • Registration must be completed on the official sign-in slip using the rider’s correct name, BC/UCI Affiliated club and team where applicable, race class, plate number and BC/UCI Licence number.

Pre Registration Costs

All Male and Female Classes 16 and Under - £13.50

All Male and Female Classes 17 and over - £15.00

Payback Men £18.00


2nd Bike Entry

If you wish to ride 2 classes on the day the please use the pre-reg system for your main class and enter the 2nd class at registration on the day to receive your 2nd bike discount.

2nd Bike for 16 and under is £9.50

2nd Bike for 17 and over is £11.00


On the Day Entry 

All classes - Registration fee plus £10.00 admin fee


Race Age Calculation

  • The age class a rider is eligible to ride is determined by his age which shall be calculated by subtracting the rider’s year of birth from the current year unless by qualification from previous years ranking.
  • Any rider may elect to “ride up” one age group. Any rider wishing to ride up more than one age must contact the Regional commitee for permission.

Four registered riders shall constitute a class. If less than the required numbers of riders are registered, they will be combined with another suitable class.


Award Qualification Rules

  • Series Awards

A rider must compete in 5 of the 9 Regional rounds to qualify for an end of season award. There are no 'on the day' awards.

  •  Payback Awards

At each round the Regional Payback class will receive the following 

1st £80/2nd £40/3rd £25/4th £20/5th £15/6th £15/7th £15/8th £15


Championship Women (17+) - Top 3 payout based on entries


Series Points Calculation

  • An explaination of this can be found on the BMX South Website.


Number Plates

  • All riders must use a plate displaying the number with which they have registered.
  • SIDE PLATES ARE MANDATORY and must display the same number on both sides. These are available from registration.

Action Cameras

  • Body or bike mounted cameras are not permitted to be used during racing at South Region managed events.


Equipment Inspection

  •       Before official practice, before the start of, or during the course of any competition or event, the rider, his bicycle, helmet and clothing may be subject to inspection by officials in order to ascertain whether or not this equipment conforms to these rules. The organisers make no representation and/or statement of opinion as to the track worthiness of any bicycle, clothing, safety equipment or other gear which may be examined during the course of this inspection
  • Any rider whose equipment is unsafe in the opinion of the officials, whether or not it fails to comply with a specific provision of these rules, shall not be permitted to ride on the track.
  • Any rider who does not comply with all instructions given to him by the officials with respect to his equipment shall not be permitted to compete in any event.




As a volunteer organisation that is dedicated to promoting the sport of BMX racing, we encourage good behaviour and sporting respect from all riders, parents and supporters at all times. South Region BMX reserve the right to withdraw a rider from the event if the rider, parent or associate is found to have behaved in contravention of the following code of conduct guidelines (This will also include notification to British Cycling of any incidents).

  • All members, riders, parents and officials must conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect the ideals of good sportsmanship.
  • Express and accept each other’s views, opinions and decisions without contempt.
  • Never bring him or herself or the sport of BMX racing into disrepute.
  • All riders must observe these rules and follow all instructions given to them by any Commissaire or official at any time during the course of the event.
  • Every rider must at all times observe such conduct as reflects the ideals of good sportsmanship and avoid any conduct which may bring their self or the sport of BMX into disrepute.
  • The use of obscene or foul language is forbidden.
  • Riders using such language will be penalized in a manner to be determined by the Commissaire or official at any time during the course of the event.
  • A rider may receive an official, verbal warning for certain misconduct.
  • The first warning issued to a rider at an event carries no specific penalty other than the advice of the warning.
  • However, the issuance of a subsequent warning for the same, or any other offence on the same day will result in the riders disqualification from the event.
  • Riders will be held accountable for the actions of their parents, team managers and any other persons in their company at a BMX competition or event.
  • Any misconduct on the part of any of these persons may, at the discretion of a race Commissaire or race director result in the disqualification or suspension of the rider and the removal of the offending persons from the track area



  • Only male or female riders aged 9 & under may be assisted by an adult in any protest or appeal.
  • At the start gate, only riders in the mixed 6 and under class may be supported.
  • This may only be done by holding the rear wheel of the bike between the supporter’s legs. The use of hands to support a rider is prohibited.
  • Only riders aged 6 & under may be assisted by an adult at jumps, etc. and this must be with the approval and guidance of the Chief Referee.
  • Only competing riders and officials may enter the rider pens or start hill. 


Schedule of Events

  • Schedule of events will be published on the South BMX website prior to the first round of the Series. Variations may be published before each round.
  • Outside of the specified Practice and Race Times indicated above, the host club has the right to close, or limit access to, the track. Also, since no First Aid or track marshals will be available outside of the official times above, the rider/parent takes full responsibility for any incidents that may occur.


It is recommended that all riders and parents read the full BMX specific rulebook set out by British Cycling .... which can be found here